Behind the cryptic message of the 'DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL' hides a severe Windows error that often causes a BDOS (Blue Screen of Death). The underlying cause for the emergence of this error is that the system is attempting to access a process IRQL that is too high. IRQL stands for an Interrupt Request Level, a hardware-independent functionality that helps Windows choose which interrupts coming from the system's processors to prioritize. Another possible cause for the 'DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL' error is faulty device drivers.

Instead of looking for a specific fault in their computer system, users can try a catch-all solution by reverting to a previously saved stable state through System Restore. If such a stable system state is not available, users experiencing the 'DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL' error should check for faulty device drivers. To do so, first type Device Manager in the Search field and press 'Enter.' A window with a list of various categories will be displayed. Expand and go through each category, looking for a faulty device. You will recognize any potential culprits thanks to the yellow exclamation mark icon they will be carrying. Right-click on each and every one of them and select 'Uninstall.' Now, restarting your computer system should force Windows to reinstall the drivers for these devices, potentially fixing the 'DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL' error.

A bit more technical solution that could address the error is to install a newer BIOS version. To start, users will first have to check what their current BIOS version is. Open the Run box by pressing the Win + R keys on your keyboard simultaneously. In the area that opens, type msinfo32 and press 'Enter.' In the displayed list, locate the BIOS Version/Date entry. Now, users will have to go to their motherboard's manufacturer's official website and check if a newer BIOS version has been released. As we said, this option should be attempted only by users who are confident in their technical skills.

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