CryptoDevil Ransomware

CryptoDevil Ransomware Description

The CryptoDevil Ransomware is a file encoder Trojan that was reported by cybersecurity researchers on March 19th, 2017. The CryptoDevil Ransomware appears to be a standalone project that is aimed at English-speaking countries. The CryptoDevil Ransomware is styled as a legitimate program and includes an 'About' section and interactive decryption panel along with a price table that states the ransom increases as time passes and climaxes at 100 USD on the 72nd hour. 82 hours later the operator claims to delete the decryption key and recovery is practically impossible.

The CryptoDevil Ransomware is a Devil with Two Faces

The CryptoDevil Ransomware may arrive on systems via spam emails, corrupted software packages and exploit vulnerabilities on your system. The CryptoDevil Ransomware has two versions that behave as a screen locker and a file encryptor. The presence of two versions of the CryptoDevil Ransomware may suggest its developers are looking to make a name for themselves on the ransomware market by following the model of the Alphabet Ransomware and the DetoxCrypto Ransomware, which support two versions as well. The CryptoDevil Screenlocker Ransomware behaves as its name suggests. When the CryptoDevil Screenlocker Ransomware enters the system, it displays a lock screen that covers the entire desktop and disables tools like the Task Manager, the Registry Editor, and the Command Line Utility (CMD). The lock screen is colored in a solid red color and features a text in black that reads:

'Your Computer Has Been Locked
Your computer have been successfully locked you have up to 70 hours
to buy a key to unlock your contract in case files will be deleted.
Payment: Bitcoin 20$
Insert this key
[text box]

Fortunately, computer security experts uncovered that the password of the CryptoDevil Screenlocker Ransomware is found in the 'CryptoDevil.exe,' which is the primary executable for the Trojan. Infected users may be able to enter the code 'kjkszpj' to have the screen lock message removed. You should note that the developers behind the CryptoDevil Screenlocker Ransomware are likely to track news on the Internet regarding their work and add a random password generator in the upcoming versions of CryptoDevil.

The CryptoDevil File Encoder Ransomware is the Less Friendly Counterpart to the CryptoDevil Screenlocker Ransomware

The second version may be listed as the CryptoDevil File Encoder Ransomware by some AV vendors, and it is classified as a standard crypto-threat. The 'About' section of the CryptoDevil File Encoder Ransomware says it is created by a programmer under the name 'mutr0l,' and it combines the AES and RSA ciphers for secure encryption. The CryptoDevil Ransomware behaves like the Crysis Ransomware and appends a custom marker to the names of the encrypted files. For example, 'Argentella lace.pptx' is renamed to 'Argentella lace.pptx.devil' and you can't load the content in your presentation studio. The CryptoDevil File Encoder Ransomware is designed to target images, presentations, videos, audio, spreadsheets, text, eBooks and PDFs on the local drives and removable storage attached to the computer. The ransom message is shown as an HTA desktop app titled 'Ransomware CryptoDevil,' which offers the following information:

'Ransomware Decrypter Panel
Your Files Has Been Encrypted
All your files have been encrypted.
Buy a key to decrypt your files
more instructions forthcoming. - cryptodevil
Payment Key Price About
Key Price Or After Hours
1. After 10 Hours Key Price = $20
2. After 24 Hours Key Price = $30
3. After 48 Hours Key Price = $50
4. After 72 Hours Key Price = $100
After 82 hours if you do not buy the key your files will be encrypted for the rest of your life.
Creator: mutr0l
Greatz: WebDark - DebutySec
'Every human has its fatal weakness and this
fatal weak point is social engineering

CryptoDevil Requires Payment in Bitcoins to Get Your Files Back from Crypto Hell

Unfortunately, the ciphers used by the CryptoDevil are favored by Internet giants like Microsoft and Google to transmit data securely and prevent third parties from recovering data without proper authentication. That means, the CryptoDevil Ransomware prevents attempts at decryption of your data, as long as you do not have the correct decryption key and software. PC security experts recommend using backup images, archives, and copies on cloud storage drives when you need to rebuild your file structure. Paying the ransom does not grantee you will be provided with a decryptor and the data loss may be accompanied by a financial loss as well. You may want to add a reliable anti-malware shield to your OS and block threats like CryptoDevil from invading your machine again.

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Technical Information

File System Details

CryptoDevil Ransomware creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 file.exe 2,857,989 f9302cb40977fc42bc35b94e207fb163 5

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