Potentially Unwanted Programs

The Internet is filled with free programs and tools making promises they fall short of, or that once installed performs unwanted acts. Potentially unwanted programs or PUPs are scattered throughout the Internet, whether a website offering or an inclusion in a freeware download. Like adware and legitimate software programs, PUPs may track (aka spy) surfing habits, collect data and send to a third party, even though some claim to gather non-evasive data. Well, you really cannot prove the collection doesn't infringe on your privacy. PUPs are sometimes called 'greyware' because they fall in a grey area and do not necessarily or upfront pose a security threat. However, if evasive data falls in the wrong hands, it can threaten security of your identity and financial stability. PUPS may negatively impact system performance and instability your operating system.

Sometimes through missteps of our own or someone else using our system, a program is installed that you want removed. Maybe it didn't meet expectations or is negatively impacting system performance. All programs having good intent should readily offer an uninstall feature for easy removal. In cases where the PC user finds it difficult to find let alone remove the components engineering a program, this should raise a red flag and incite the need to remove aggressively. An example program and PUP resisting removal is PUP.wxDfast. Forums are filled with frustrated PC users questioning if it is indeed a virus or malicious program and why their Internet security didn't block the download. Well, PUPs are a grey area, which is why some security researchers call it 'greyware' and rather than label it malicious, they classify it only as 'potentially unwanted'. However, if the complaints are true and PUP.wxDfast is corrupting viral restore points to obfuscate and rejuvenate its program, then it has crossed the line and is indeed showing its true colors of being malicious.

If you are highly skilled editing the Windows Registry or are able to follow the technical jargon and mind-twisting instructions posted on a security forum, you may be able to manually unwanted files buried throughout your system. However, be very careful not to delete the wrong file and don't forget to reset viral restoration points as well as restore corrupted files. If a mistake is made, you could corrupt the hard drive and lose valuable data. While you may have backed up your data and programs, hopefully you stored the important and necessary product keys required to reinstall some software programs and apps. To be safe, we highly recommend you use a professional anti-malware solution able to find and safely remove malware without causing harm to your hard drive and able to restore corrupted OS files and components.

How Can You Detect Potentially Unwanted Programs?

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There are 482 articles listed on potentially unwanted programs.

Name Threat Level Detection Count Date
TransitSimplified Toolbar 22/10 200 06/04/2015 11:18:41 EST
‘800-986-6350’ Scam Message 02/13/2015 12:39:00 EST
‘844-332-7029’ Scam Message 03/25/2015 13:04:23 EST
‘844-534-8203’ Pop-Ups 11/10 30 06/04/2015 13:18:15 EST
‘888-702-3606’ Scam Message 11/10 37 02/05/2015 14:17:59 EST
1ClickMovieDownloader 22/10 59,736 03/27/2014 20:33:48 EST
24×7 Help 03/24/2016 16:21:31 EST
800 819-5830 Scam Message 02/23/2015 18:28:47 EST
Accelimize 11/10 44 10/08/2014 14:40:39 EST
AdBlocknWatch 22/10 526 05/05/2014 16:26:37 EST
Aducky 22/10 11,166 05/13/2014 20:56:24 EST
Advanced Calendar 11/10 50,605 09/01/2015 12:41:13 EST
Advanced Cleaner Pro 11/10 421 11/17/2014 19:58:37 EST
Advanced PC Care 11/10 5,929 08/31/2015 13:58:04 EST
Advanced System Protector 08/01/2013 09:51:51 EST
Adware.ShoppingReport 22/10 15 11/29/2013 21:33:32 EST
AirInstaller 06/23/2014 09:24:29 EST
Aliapploader Virus 11/10 58 05/15/2014 20:52:52 EST
AnonymizerGadget 11/10 83 12/22/2015 12:46:19 EST
AppEnable 22/10 9,915 11/05/2014 13:09:52 EST
BackUpDutyLite 10/14/2013 17:53:18 EST
BatBrowse 22/10 22,198 10/28/2013 15:10:43 EST
Beamrise Toolbar and Search 06/07/2013 12:06:23 EST
Bellaphant 22/10 103 06/02/2014 16:27:30 EST
Best Save Ads 22/10 14,343 01/08/2015 14:06:04 EST

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