CrossRider Description

CrossRider Web Apps is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that should be deleted as quickly as possible with the collaboration of a strong security program. Malware analysts have heard from PC users that report that their security programs detected CrossRider and indicated that CrossRider may be problematic. PCs affected by CrossRider Web Apps may slow down, crash, freeze and present other symptoms. Computer users also may observe that their Web browser behaves abnormally, and that unrecognized components are present on their computers. PC security analysts have observed that CrossRider may interfere with other Web browser add-ons on an affected computer. It is also notable that CrossRider may be difficult to remove. Computer users attempting to remove CrossRider may come across difficulties if they attempt to remove CrossRider as they would remove any other Web browser extension. Removing CrossRider may require special measures and the use of a security program that is fully up-to-date.

CrossRider and Similar Problematic Web Browser Add-Ons

PUPs may not be as destructive or severe as threats. However, most PUPs (CrossRider included) may cause symptoms that are most associated with threats. For example, CrossRider may cause pop-up advertisements, Web browser redirects and performance issues on computers CrossRider affects. There are many ways in which PUPs may spread, including typical threat distribution methods. However, the main way in which PUPs like CrossRider are distributed is by bundling them with other software. In most cases, CrossRider will be bundled with freeware or shareware from questionable sources, but in some cases, CrossRider may be bundled along with legitimate software being installed on a different installer or source.

Problems Associated with CrossRider and Other PUPs

As soon as CrossRider is installed, CrossRider may make changes to your Web browser settings. PC security analysts have noted that CrossRider may cause performance issues, such as causing the infected Web browser to crash, slow down or freeze. PUPs like CrossRider also may prevent other add-ons installed on the affected computer from functioning properly. Malware researchers have observed that CrossRider may be bundled along with numerous other PUPs which, when put together, may greatly tax your computer's resources. Because of these reasons, PC security analysts strongly recommend dealing with CrossRider and similar PUPs as soon as possible.

How to Deal with CrossRider

If CrossRider is installed on your computer, malware analysts advise the use of a known security program that is both fully up-to-date and capable of removing PUPs. In many cases, security software may be incapable of detecting PUPs since these programs may be geared towards more severe threats, such as worms, Trojans, viruses and rootkits. This has meant that many threat developers have increased their efforts into producing PUPs like CrossRider rather than full blown threat infections. This may result in substantial profits from advertising and affiliate marketing tactics. In most cases, computer users may find it difficult to remove CrossRider using their Web browser's extension or add-on manager – however, CrossRider and similar PUPs may be removed using the Add and Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel. But, even after removing CrossRider, it may be necessary to undo any unwanted changes made by CrossRider to your Web browser settings. For example, PC users may be obliged to revert their default search engine and homepage to CrossRider manually. After removing CrossRider, PC security analysts recommend using a strong anti-malware program that is fully up-to-date to perform a full scan of the affected computer. This step is crucial to ensure that CrossRider has not allowed other PUPs or more severe forms of threats to enter and affect the victim's computer.
Aliases: Adware.Win32.CrossAd.CW [Baidu-International], Win.Trojan.Troldesh-2 [ClamAV], PUA_CrossRider [TrendMicro-HouseCall], a variant of Win32/Toolbar.CrossRider.CW potential [ESET-NOD32], Trojan.Gen.2 [Symantec], W32/S-d60a457c!Eldorado [F-Prot], PUA.CrossRider! [Agnitum], Unwanted-Program ( 004c89a91 ) [K7GW], PUP.Optional.CrossBrowse [Malwarebytes], Artemis!DC24DF79A82D [McAfee], W32.HfsAdware.72B3 [Bkav], not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Win32.CrossRider.gen [Kaspersky], Trojan.Win32.Crossrider1.duanbp [NANO-Antivirus], AppRider (PUA) [Sophos] and Crossrider.WFB [AVG].

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Technical Information

Infection Statistics

Our MalwareTracker shows malware activity across the world. Explore real-time data of CrossRider outbreaks and other threats from global to local level.

File System Details

CrossRider creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %PROGRAMFILES%\roller coaster park\roller_coaster_park_notification_service.exe 1,417,216 7016a5d74459577060366f7d1e44f495 615
2 %PROGRAMFILES%\48 dresses\48_dresses_updating_service.exe 96,256 5f126bd699c6b4d75e22dacdb74ad314 404
3 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Installer\Installsense_25941\delay.exe 1,151,376 a6e96df3c060f4dabbd7c2818674b169 4,123
4 %PROGRAMFILES%\CS Browser Assistant 2.0\CS Browser Assistant 2.0-codedownloader.exe 515,024 50ae42bef41635919878520a9c0a7e9e 3,483
5 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Installer\Installdelay_1922\DCytaiesmt.exe 1,151,376 b6a4371601dab6abb34f50a5ced56a37 3,286
6 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Installer\Install_20493\DCytaiesmt_smtyc_setup.exe 1,222,640 ea0ca98847dc1a403ffec3be116e8b2f 2,933
7 %PROGRAMFILES%\cs browser assistant 2.0\cs browser assistant 2.0-updater.exe 394,704 3a1edd7aae6f99af5517a9f1fa37df0f 2,933
8 %PROGRAMFILES%\HQTotal1.2\HQTotal1.2-firefoxinstaller.exe 958,464 ac2e549d8d26feb89750c006b6dea224 2,876
9 %PROGRAMFILES%\fiv en\fiv en-firefoxinstaller.exe 964,096 b73feff72f04af988b5baca2decfdb4e 2,244
10 %APPDATA%\ZGYM.exe 1,899,424 901a696531a355f1d9968d4f0a333cbd 163
11 %PROGRAMFILES%\FreeHD-Sport TV V9.0\FreeHD-Sport TV V9.0-firefoxinstaller.exe 932,352 3369a4b401d30f54186c70562447ea70 1,587
12 %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\easy-deals1\easy-deals1-firefoxinstaller.exe 958,464 c77073f67b0121639f186851b06d30d1 1,339
13 %PROGRAMFILES%\LyricsWoofer-1\LyricsWoofer-1-firefoxinstaller.exe 722,944 f812b5898d8c36dcf220dbfe165892fb 1,275
14 %PROGRAMFILES%\LyricsGet-10\LyricsGet-10-firefoxinstaller.exe 722,944 3894372fc58aeea43c557a3f2ae5850a 1,243
15 %PROGRAMFILES%\Firedive Downloader V9.0\Firedive Downloader V9.0-firefoxinstaller.exe 958,464 987d6f4c5bd6c8c93491e9182aaa4d3e 1,066

More files

Registry Details

CrossRider creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
MyBrowser 1.0.2V31.10
Software\InstalledBrowserExtensions\Buca Apps
The following CLSID's were found:
HKEY..\..\{CLSID Path}

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