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RegHunter 2

Optimization & Privacy Protection


Increase Privacy Protection & Help Optimize Your System

Advanced functionality to increase privacy protection and free up disk space. Scan your Windows Registry to identify and remove invalid data. Identify and delete undesired stored personal data to protect personal privacy. Scan for and remove unnecessary duplicate and temporary files.

Starting at $30 /6 mo.
Per device. Billed upfront.
Download* * See details below. EULA, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

RegHunter Important Details & Terms

RegHunter is a diagnostic tool that helps detect various computer issues. RegHunter is available as a subscription on a semi-annual basis, typically starting at $30 with Automatic Renewals unless and until you cancel. RegHunter usage and purchase is subject to our policies, terms and conditions. To understand our policies, terms and conditions, please also review our EULA, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Discount Terms. If you wish to uninstall RegHunter, learn how.