Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A Description

The most recent version of the Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A Trojan has been around since Fall of 2011, with a string of attacks reported in the early months of 2012. Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A is a kind of proxyier Trojan, and several of its aliases will include this term in its detection. Regardless of the name it receives, there is no doubt that Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A poses a significant risk to any computer system Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A invades, and ESG security researchers consider that this malware threat is severe in nature.

One of the worst aspects of a Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A infection is the fact that Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A will usually display no symptoms of its presence on the victim's computer. This is because Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A allows criminals to gain access to the infected computer through what is known as a 'backdoor', a hole in a computer's security which, much like an unsecured back door can allow robbers to enter a house undetected, allows a hacker to gain unauthorized access to the infected computer system.

A Closer Look at How Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A Attacks a Computer System

Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A is specifically a component of a multi-component malware attack designed to open up a back door into the infected computer. Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A in particular is a kernel-mode driver, which acts like a rootkit and hides the other components responsible for the multi-component malware attack. Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A also has the capacity of altering how the infected computer connects to the Internet. Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A is installed through the Simda.A family of backdoor Trojans' installer. Once Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A has infected the computer system, Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A will load other components of this malware attack and attempt to inject malicious code into processes involving web browsers, such as chrome.exe, explorer.exe, iexplore.exe, or firefox.exe.

Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A also has the ability to hijack the victim's browser and carry out browser redirects, as well as forcing the infected computer to connect to malicious servers. Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A can connect to hundreds of malicious IP addresses – ESG security analysts have observed that Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A does not limit itself to directing traffic towards a single malicious website or IP address. Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A should be removed as well as the entirety of the multi-component malware infestation in the victim's computer system. The use of an anti-malware program with advanced anti-rootkit technology is highly recommended in order to stop Trojan:WinNT/Simda.gen!A in its tracks.

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Security Doesn't Let You Download SpyHunter or Access the Internet?

Solutions: Your computer may have malware hiding in memory that prevents any program, including SpyHunter, from executing on your computer. Follow to download SpyHunter and gain access to the Internet:
  • Use an alternative browser. Malware may disable your browser. If you're using IE, for example, and having problems downloading SpyHunter, you should open Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser instead.
  • Use a removable media. Download SpyHunter on another clean computer, burn it to a USB flash drive, DVD/CD, or any preferred removable media, then install it on your infected computer and run SpyHunter's malware scanner.
  • Start Windows in Safe Mode. If you can not access your Window's desktop, reboot your computer in 'Safe Mode with Networking' and install SpyHunter in Safe Mode.
  • IE Users: Disable proxy server for Internet Explorer to browse the web with Internet Explorer or update your anti-spyware program. Malware modifies your Windows settings to use a proxy server to prevent you from browsing the web with IE.

If you still can't install SpyHunter? View other possible causes of installation issues.

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