Smart Internet Protection 2011

Smart Internet Protection 2011 Description

Smart Internet Protection 2011 (Smart Internet Protection 2011) is a deceptive application created to swindle users. Smart Internet Protection 2011 appears to be a legitimate anti-spyware application however it is not able to detect any real computer malware. Smart Internet Protection 2011 can be obtained from malicious websites or a sneaky Trojan may install it onto a system. Once Smart Internet Protection 2011 has infiltrated a system, Smart Internet Protection 2011 will cause chaos and flood the screen with fake security notifications in order to alarm a victim. Following the fake security alerts, Smart Internet Protection 2011 will prompt a victim to purchase its full version in order to fix or remove the detected threats. Never purchase Smart Internet Protection 2011 and just ignore the security warnings it displays. Smart Internet Protection 2011 can be removed from your PC with a legitimate rogueware removal tool.

Smart Internet Protection 2011 is a member of a huge family of PC threats called FakeVimes. Among Smart Internet Protection 2011 family members are Live Enterprise Suite, My Security Wall, Windows Active HotSpot, Internet Security Suite, A-fast Antivirus, Windows Antibreach Tool, Smart Engine, Windows AntiBreach Patrol, Security Master AV, Windows Debug Center, Windows Be-on-Guard Edition, Windows Cleaning Tools, Windows Antivirus Suite, Windows Antivirus Rampart, Fast Antivirus 2009, Windows Activity Booster, Antivirus Smart Protection, Windows Custodian Utility, My Security Engine, Windows AntiHazard Helper, Presto TuneUp, Security Antivirus, Windows Custom Management, Windows Antibreach Module, Home Safety Essentials, Smart Anti-Malware Protection, Additional Guard, Keep Center Keeper, Home Malware Cleaner, Windows Antibreaking System, VirusSecurity, Windows Daily Advisor, Windows Component Protector, Windows Active Guard, Windows Efficiency Master, Internet Security Essentials, Windows Activity Debugger, Windows AntiBreach Suite, Windows Basic Antivirus, Windows Antivirus Release, Windows Care Taker, Personal Internet Security 2011, PC Security Guardian, Smart Internet Protection 2012, Virus Melt, Live PC Care, Windows Advanced Security Center, Windows Anti-Malware Patch, PC Live Guard, Windows Daily Adviser, Total Anti Malware Protection, Windows Antivirus Machine, Advanced Antispyware Solution, Windows Antivirus Patrol, Windows Custom Safety, Windows Antivirus Tool, Windows Crucial Scanner, Windows Efficiency Accelerator, Windows Defence Counsel, Malware Protection, Virus Doctor, Personal Security Sentinel, Windows Command Processor, Windows Advanced User Patch, Windows Control Series, Windows Antivirus Patch, Extra Antivirus, Enterprise Suite, System Smart Security, Windows Antivirus Care, Windows Efficiency Kit, Smart Virus Eliminator, Windows Antihazard Solution, Windows AntiHazard Center, CleanUp Antivirus, Activate Ultimate Protection, Windows Antivirus Booster, Best Malware Protection, Anti-Malware Lab, Windows Accelerator Pro, Windows Antivirus Helper, Fake Windows Antivirus 2012, Windows Efficiency Console, Windows Defence Master, Windows Antivirus Adviser, Smart Security, Windows Advanced Toolkit, Windows AntiBreach Helper, Windows Defence Unit, Windows Defending Center, Windows Abnormality Checker, System Protection Tools, Volcano Security Suite, Smart PC Cleaner, Best Antivirus Software, My Security Shield and Windows Cleaning Toolkit.
Aliases: a variant of MSIL/Injector.VJ [ESET-NOD32], Trojan.KillProc.14401 [DrWeb], Gen:Variant.MSILDrop.8 [BitDefender], HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic [Kaspersky], Dropper.Small.XNH [AVG], Artemis!20116B0960CE [McAfee], Win32/Spy.Banker.YAT [NOD32], Win32:Agent-AOOI [Trj] [Avast], [Kaspersky], Trojan.Generic.KDV.657800 [BitDefender], TR/Agent.AOOI [AntiVir], W32/Banker.YAT!tr.spy [Fortinet], PSW.Generic9.CNVE [AVG], Adware.Agent!btI0Y92+8LE [VirusBuster] and Win32:BHO-ACJ [Avast].

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Security Doesn't Let You Download SpyHunter or Access the Internet?

Solutions: Your computer may have malware hiding in memory that prevents any program, including SpyHunter, from executing on your computer. Follow to download SpyHunter and gain access to the Internet:
  • Use an alternative browser. Malware may disable your browser. If you're using IE, for example, and having problems downloading SpyHunter, you should open Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser instead.
  • Use a removable media. Download SpyHunter on another clean computer, burn it to a USB flash drive, DVD/CD, or any preferred removable media, then install it on your infected computer and run SpyHunter's malware scanner.
  • Start Windows in Safe Mode. If you can not access your Window's desktop, reboot your computer in 'Safe Mode with Networking' and install SpyHunter in Safe Mode.
  • IE Users: Disable proxy server for Internet Explorer to browse the web with Internet Explorer or update your anti-spyware program. Malware modifies your Windows settings to use a proxy server to prevent you from browsing the web with IE.

If you still can't install SpyHunter? View other possible causes of installation issues.

Technical Information

Infection Statistics

Our MalwareTracker shows malware activity across the world. Explore real-time data of Smart Internet Protection 2011 outbreaks and other threats from global to local level.

File System Details

Smart Internet Protection 2011 creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %WINDIR%\system32\nsv19B.dll 1,290,752 5577299e08dc943b7357bbf1d365fe9c 26
2 %USERPROFILE%\Bureau\RogueKiller.exe 1,199,626 8066b79c33cb423e98686bc0b2cf511e 14
3 %TEMP%\WSZugo.exe 143,360 5959303fcecbd9cc3038ee98bebee5a1 11
4 c:\RECYCLER\R-1-5-21-1482476501-1644491937-682003330-1013\acleaner.exe 45,056 83c7581549a57b1bab3816a687398682 10
5 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\fcee10\SIfce_289.exe 5,146,112 01064dfe44ab178f7a2f991b1e0feccf 7
6 %APPDATA%\vfbu.exe 1,486,848 5c48d25eb124b48ebc260684c3fe41cb 7
7 %WINDIR%\system32\AcroIEHelpe146.dll 185,312 20116b0960ce90e7a746be85fb149770 6
8 %TEMP%\Adobe\AdobeMngPlug.dll 42,496 84ea6bea611fe1e55c215d158fb63ede 6
9 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\306b58\SI306_231.exe 5,165,056 87996fd3d2627933b343044518828ec0 5
10 %PROGRAMFILES%\FullEkran\Full Ekran\FullEkran.exe 484,352 e4d3145cf158bdda827eb50a0b4194c1 4
11 %TEMP%\tmp89d062d9\killexe.exe 256,000 ea621efb4e3e2e44cd326798df9639ff 4
12 %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\viVHd.exe 32,768 0501b8743d3c6541c25a4e93e5357f71 4
13 %TEMP%\sssd.exe 24,576 305d06dd766625abdb1fbd0aab43bae1 3
14 %WINDIR%\System32\wsynalib.exe 35,328 f4f2740bc874bf24456c444e3afe0332 3
15 %PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Boom\YBoom.exe 466,944 567034ff12ae544fd08b905dd2c7d3ed 2

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