Wave Browser

Wave Browser Description

Wave Browser is a dubious Web browser that appears to be spreading via underhanded methods. Some users report that they were tricked by misleading advertisements, while others found it packaged alongside other more popular and legitimate software products. Wave Browser appears to be a basic Chromium-based product with few distinguishing features. However, the reliance on deceptive distribution method classifies it as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

Using Wave Browser may have some unforeseen circumstances. The company that developed it may have a connection with a Chinese developer known for releasing browser and search hijacker applications. Wave Browser also appears to cause difficulties when users try to uninstall it from their computers. Indeed, many PUPs have the capability to re-establish themselves on the system, if not all of their core components will be removed. 

Using unproven and questionable Web browsers is not recommended. They may force you to use fake search engines, track your browsing activities or even try to obtain sensitive details. The best way to deal with such annoying applications is to remove them with a professional security product. Just to be on the safe side, users also may wish to conduct a thorough scan of the entire system to catch other PUPs that might have been able to sneak in without notice.