Misleading Programs

Misleading programs or applications intentionally misrepresent the security status of a computer. Misleading programs attempt to convince you that potential malware or security risks (usually nonexistent or fake) are infecting your computer and you must remove them immediately.

The application will then hold your PC hostage by refusing to allow you to remove or fix these phantom problems until the required software is purchased and installed. Misleading programs may appear as legitimate security applications and often use websites that have user testimonials and awards to convince users of it’s authenticity.

Misleading applications typically strike people when they are surfing the web. There is not a single type of website where these applications are found, but they are more common from sites offering pirated goods and adult content, as well as blogs and forums. They can even sneak into advertisements on legitimate sites, usually through banner ads at the top of Web page.

In order to get installed onto a system, a person is usually either tricked into downloading the program (thinking it’s something else) or a small program called a “Downloader” is installed by the attacker through an un-patched flaw in the person’s web browser. This is often known as a “drive-by” install.

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There are currently 68 articles listed on misleading programs.

Name Threat Level Detection Count Date
Antivirus Doktor 2009 10/10 8 May 29, 2009
BrowserModifier.DotcomToolbar 3/10 0 April 22, 2011
Check Disk 10/10 0 November 21, 2010
Defragmenter 10/10 11 December 14, 2010
Disk Defragmenter January 17, 2011
Disk Ok 10/10 3 January 10, 2011
Disk Optimizer 10/10 5 January 14, 2011
Disk Recovery 10/10 4 February 7, 2011
Disk Repair 10/10 15 December 21, 2010
DiskHelper January 17, 2011
Dream Media Player August 26, 2009
Easy Scan December 30, 2010
FastDisk 10/10 15 January 11, 2011
FileHunter June 21, 2012
FullScan December 28, 2010
Good Memory 10/10 22 January 12, 2011
Hard Drive Diagnostic 10/10 4 December 5, 2010
HDD Defragmenter 10/10 0 November 2, 2010
HDD Doctor December 21, 2010
Hdd Fix 10/10 9 January 3, 2011
HDD Help December 14, 2010
HDD Low 10/10 15 December 26, 2010
HDD Ok 10/10 6 January 10, 2011
HDD Plus 10/10 2 December 8, 2010
HDD Recovery December 13, 2010
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