Activating SpyHunter/Account Settings

If you have purchased SpyHunter 5, you must activate SpyHunter 5 to access its full functionality. Please follow these instructions below if you have not yet activated SpyHunter 5:

  1. Email (6) – If you are a registered user or a trial user, enter the email address that you used to register SpyHunter. This address can be found in your confirmation email.
  2. Password (7) – Enter your SpyHunter 5 account password. Your password can be found in your order confirmation email.
  3. Activate User (8) – In order to activate the full version of SpyHunter, you will need to enter your registered email and password, and then click the "Activate User" button to activate your account. If your SpyHunter login information is ever changed, you will need to repeat the activation process. Upon successful account activation, the "Activate User" button will be replaced by the "User Activated" button.

If you are experiencing any issues with activation, please contact our technical support department.