Remove Edfc Ransomware

Remove Edfc Ransomware Description

Seeing the extension '.efdc' next to the names of some of your files is a major reason to worry. This means that your system is under attack by the Efdc Ransomware, a threatening file-locker. Unfortunately, it is too late to stop the attack, once it has already started. The only reliable way to counter malware of this type is to use an up-to-date antivirus tool at all times. This way, the Efdc Ransomware and other variants of the STOP/Djvu Ransomware family will be eliminated before they cause any damage.

Recovering from the Efdc Ransomware attack is never easy. This is because there is no free decryption tool for members of the STOP/Djvu family. Victims of these threats can only restore their files from a backup. Other options include using popular data recovery software and techniques, but these might not always yield great results.

What do Efdc Ransomware's Authors Want?

The demands of ransomware creators are almost always the same – money. In this case, the crooks ask for $490 initially. However, they warn their victim that they must transfer the money via Bitcoin in the next 72 hours. If this does not happen, they will raise the price to $980. We advise you not to fall for this bluff – no matter how much money you send to the attackers, you are likely to end up scammed.

The criminals behind the Efdc Ransomware urge their victims to message them at the emails and They also offer to unlock 1-2 files for free – you should accept this offer. Even if the criminals prove their ability to decrypt files, you should not consider co-operating with them. Instead, run an anti-virus tool to eliminate the malware. After this, run 3rd-party data recovery tools as we already mentioned above.