RAV Antivirus

RAV Antivirus Description

The RAV Antivirus is an outdated security solution that was developed and published by the Romanian company GeCAD Software, Initially, the IT firm's focus was on CAD-related software before shifting towards the cybersecurity industry. The RAV Antivirus product caught the attention of Microsft and in mid-2003 the tech giant acquired RAV's technology and development team. So why are some users finding this archaic piece of software present on their computers?

It seems that a version of the RAV Antivirus is being spread through questionable means, such as bundling. Users who do not pay enough attention when installing programs from dubious sources (such as game modes downloaded from shady sites) may not even realize that an intruder application is also being deployed on their computers. This underhanded behavior is typically associated with adware, browser hijackers, and other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

However, so far, the RAV Antivirus version encountered by users has not exhibited any unwanted behavior, such as the generation of advertisements or causing browser redirects. As such, it can generally be considered safe. That doesn't mean that its presence will not impact the user experience on the device. The outdated software may cause performance issues and slow down due to excessive usage of hardware resources. It also can try to pester the user into buying a paid version.

Because the RAV Antivirus cannot offer any meaningful functionality, infosec researchers recommend removing it from your computers.

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