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SpyHunter for Business

Endpoint Threat Protection & Management for Your Business

A cloud-based security platform delivering multi-layer EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) to detect, recognize and quarantine harmful malware threats before they enter your network.

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A Comprehensive IT Security Solution That Really Works!

Fully automated cloud-based malware endpoint protection and remediation to protect your networks and teams.

SpyHunter for Business Strengthens and Optimizes All Critical Aspects of Your Malware Protection

Threats Prevention & Remediation

SpyHunter for Business offers multi-layer endpoint protection at all levels and gives you full control to protect your network at the device, application and even individual file level. Our Endpoint Detection and Response is designed to anticipate and head off zero-day malware threats.

Proactive Security

SpyHunter for Business’ advanced threat engine incorporates local and cloud-based Machine learning static, heuristic, and behavioral analysis to detect and prevent malware.

Advanced Endpoints Management

SpyHunter for Business combines Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response technologies and enables centralized device management across your network. SpyHunter for Business Dashboard provides 24/7 visibility across your endpoints and can generate a wide range of customized detailed reports.

Ransomware Protection

SpyHunter for Business is designed to detect and respond to emerging ransomware threats that attempt to circumvent traditional security defenses. Faster detection significantly limits the damage potential of ransomware and other serious malware threats.

Centralized Configuration

SpyHunter for Business gives your IT staff the tools to easily and authoritatively create and implement anti-malware defense protocols across your individual endpoints from a central dashboard. The Dashboard’s intuitive interface allows an administrator to easily monitor and configure your network security settings at the global and individual device level.

Rapid Defense Deployment

SpyHunter for Business is designed to be deployed with minimal resources across most business networks. Its integrated wizard-based installer allows you to get up and running quickly and effectively.

SpyHunter for Business Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of SpyHunter for Business with our interactive demo.

SpyHunter for Business Multi-Layer Endpoint Protection

Simultaneously Protects your endpoints at the file, application and network levels for organization-wide security.

Proactive Pinpoint Detection

Designed to protect against rapidly evolving zero-day threats.

Ransomware Protection & Mitigation

Integrated cloud-based document backup and restoration functionality securely protects your critical data in the event of a ransomware attack.

Robust Administrative Controls

SpyHunter for Business provides an intuitive centralized control center that allows administrators quick threat detection and response.

360° Visibility

A central dashboard displays a comprehensive view of your network and all endpoints.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Seamless deployment and centralized management across PC and Mac endpoints.

Detailed Reporting

Extensive granularity in customizing and scheduling endpoint reports.

SpyHunter for Business Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Advanced heuristic, behavioral and signature-based threat protection supplemented by cloud-based intelligence designed to keep endpoints secure.

Streamlined Deployment

Deploys across your entire network with minimal end user impact.

Secure Your Organization with SpyHunter for Business

SpyHunter for Business is custom-developed to fit the unique technological requirements of your organization.

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Protect Your Business Against Advanced Threats

SpyHunter for Business provides 24/7 security monitoring of each endpoint on your network to rapidly and comprehensively detect and respond to threats.
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