FraudTool.MalwareCrush.e is a dangerous Trojan with the ability to install additional malicious applications onto a system without a user's knowledge. FraudTool.MalwareCrush.e provides attackers with remote access to a system putting a user's private information at risk. FraudTool.MalwareCrush.e is also able to disable security software, use polymorphic tactics to self-mutate and modify system files. FraudTool.MalwareCrush.e is very harmful to your computer, if detected remove it with an effective malware removal tool.

Posted on October 12, 2009 in Malware


Heur.Invader (Heur) is a type of malware designed to install dangerous programs from a remote server, onto an unsuspecting user's compromised PC. Heur.Invader propagates via manipulated e-mail attachments and web-pages. When inside a system, Heur.Invader makes modifications to the Windows registry and displays irritating pop-up advertisements. Additionally, Heur.Invader has the ability to collect sensitive information stored on a compromised computer. Heur.Invader is a critical computer threat that is recommended to be removed with a good security tool.

Posted on October 12, 2009 in Malware is a malicious web page that could be designed specifically for spreading malware. could lead to the installation of other unknown malware without notification to the computer user. is not a trusted source. Computer users are advised to avoid visiting the web site.

Posted on October 12, 2009 in Rogue Websites


Seres.exe is a troublesome Trojan virus downloader. Seres.exe is able to run and download harmful files without the user's knowledge or consent. Seres.exe may also install the rogue security tool, Antivirus Pro 2010. This file has been identified as a dangerous computer program that is undesirable to keep on your computer. It is advisable to remove Seres.exe from your computer immediately after detection.

Posted on October 12, 2009 in Malware is a malicious and potentially dangerous website. can be used to install malware onto a computer with knowledge of the computer user. If visited, could lead to the infection of a Trojan horse which can download and install rogue security programs without permission. is not a trusted source.

Posted on October 12, 2009 in Rogue Websites

Comcast Tests Browser Alerts to Warn Customers of Bot-Infected PCs

Do you ever wish that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) would contact you if they detect that your system is infected with malicious software? Well, now that may be a reality one day if you are a Comcast customer. Comcast, the largest residential ISP in the nation, has begun to roll-out and test a new initiative, part of their Constant Guard service, to contact persons whose computer appears to be infected with malware or malicious software. The new plan would alert computer users through a service note or semi-transparent banner overlaying part of a current displayed webpage in the web browser application. This in essence would be an early warning indication followed up by a solution to rid the infected system from the malware. More than likely the "solution: would be to utilize an antivirus or security suite such as McAfee, which...

Posted on October 9, 2009 in Computer Security

Windows Smart Security

Windows Smart Security is a rogue anti-spyware program. Windows Smart Security uses deceiving methods to trick computer users into purchasing a full version of Windows Smart Security. Windows Smart Security is a clone of the fake security programs Security Tool and Total Security 2009. Windows Smart Security does not have the ability to detect legitimate spyware or malware so it should never be used to rid any PC of such parasites. Windows Smart Security usually will only perform security scans that display fabricated results.

Posted on October 9, 2009 in Rogue Anti-Spyware Program

Cybercrooks Poison Google Wave Search Results with Malware-Infected Websites

Cybercrooks are at it again, they are targeting a new form of web search technology to poison more search results with malicious sites that spread malware. Hackers have developed a new interest in Google's Wave technology over the course of a few months ever since its announcement in May of 2009. The ancillary web search results that utilize Google's Wave technology is the new target for hackers where they will attempt to piggyback off of Wave web searchers to divert Internet users to malicious websites. The goal of the cybercriminals is to spread malicious software onto computer users through these infected sites which appear in poisoned search results. Google's Wave technology is believed to merge email, instant messaging, wiki and social networking into an interactive multi-user conferencing system. The system is an online...

Posted on October 9, 2009 in Computer Security is a dangerous browser hijacker that specializes in the manipulation of browser configurations. Compromised machines are bombarded with numerous pop-ups while the user is surfing the net. All the pop-ups will direct the user to, where a system scan will automatically run. Exaggerated results of computer infections are then displayed and the user is advised to purchase the rogueware Alpha Antivirus. Both and Alpha Antivirus are critical computer threats that should be removed from your system immediately.

Posted on October 9, 2009 in Rogue Websites is a malicious browser hijacker working in cahoots with Smart Protector, a rogue security software. takes over your computers browser and redirects search results to its domain. Once a user lands on a fake system scan is run and fabricated results of a seriously infected system, are revealed. Users are then advised to purchase the full version of Smart Protector in order to remove all the infections. Don't be fooled, all the scans and virus notifications are fake. Should you find on your system use decent security software to clean your PC as soon as possible.

Posted on October 9, 2009 in Rogue Websites

Cyber Protection Center

Cyber Protection Center is a malicious anti-spyware program that enters users computers without their knowledge. The presence of Cyber Protection Center on your PC will lead to the running of a bogus system scan and the constant display of annoying virus alert messages. This is all a strategy to scare users into purchasing the full version of the fake security software. Purchasing Cyber Protection Center will only result in you loosing your money for a useless security program.

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Antivirus screenshot

Antivirus is another unwanted computer security software program. It would display alert messages on computer to misled users about the security status of the computer. This false security program has been labeled as rogue and closely related to a Trojan by working to promote itself. Antivirus virus doesn't have any known security protection nor it could offer defense on computers where it would be installed. Actually, as a rogue software program it was determined to be a threat itself. Antivirus virus being a useless program must be removed. In addition, if its presence was identified, users should download and install a Antivirus removal tool at once. The longer it is on computer the...

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BrowserModifier.Starsdoor is a malicious adware software program. It would result in huge amounts of irritation similarly to some horrible computer security issues. BrowserModifier.Starsdoor might invade user's computer system through a big number of distinct ways, without user's knowledge or permission. Once BrowserModifier.Starsdoor has gained access to your machine, then your computer problems will start. It is imperative to know that BrowserModifier.Starsdoor may come disguised as a serial code cracker; don't be fooled as this is really malicious and deceptive adware. BrowserModifier.Starsdoor would create excessive pop ups. No matter what you do in order to try to get rid of these pop ups it may prove useless. BrowserModifier.Starsdoor might enter user's PC through a lot of different ways; one of them is through peer to peer file...

Posted on October 9, 2009 in Trojans is a browser hijacker known to collaborate with the notorious rogueware Alpha Antivirus. has the ability to modify the browser configurations of targeted machines, resulting in inconstant hits on its site. Victims are usually directed to, where they are bombarded with alarming displays of system scans and virus alert notifications. The scans are run by Alpha Antivirus and the fake notifications all part of a ploy to get users to purchase the full version of rogue security software. It is recommended that you remove from your system with a well known anti-spyware program immediately after detection.

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Backdoor.Isnup.A is a malicious backdoor Trojan. It might enter your computer without your knowledge or consent and would only lead to a lot of superfluous computer problems. Backdoor.Isnup.A could actually open a back door in your computer. This would allow a cyber criminals to get full control over your computer, including the use of the popular Internet Related Chat (IRC) program. Another frightening fact to announce is that Backdoor.Isnup.A is able to update itself without your knowledge or consent as well. Malicious online attackers might be allowed by Backdoor.Isnup.A to be able to obtain access to all users' personal information similarly to all the passwords. This ultimately means that Backdoor.Isnup.A might lead you to be the next victim of a huge cybercrime or of identity theft. Manual removal of Backdoor.Isnup.A is so...

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