Is Safe? is a video streaming site. The problem is that the content there is being offered for streaming illegally. In addition, the site generates monetary gains via rogue advertising networks. As a result, users are oftentimes presented with questionable ads or have dubious websites opened in their web browsers. 

In practice, this means that the site itself may be safe if you ignore the content made available there illegally, but users could be exposed to various security risks posed by the third-party pages opened without their consent. Indeed, visitors risk landing on phishing pages that try to obtain sensitive private details such as payment information or credit and debit card numbers. Other destinations may include deceiving websites that rely on scare tactics to trick users into downloading and installing barely-functional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Deceptive websites trying to lure visitors into subscribing to their push notification services under fake pretenses are also quite common. 

Generally, it is recommended to avoid exposing yourself to such unnecessary risks but users who insist on using must do so with extreme caution. Avoid engaging with any of the generated ad materials and make sure that you have a professional security solution protecting your computer.