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EpicPlay Advertisement Pop-up Description

There are several ways in which criminals entice inexperienced computer users in order to lure them into downloading malware and installing malicious programs on their computer systems. Computer security analysts deal every day with malware that offers free smiles, expanded functionality for Facebook and free games. Even though most computer users known that finding simple and safe games online is not a difficult task, malware attacks like the EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up claim thousands of victims every day. If you find that your web browser is displaying the EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up message, this is a sign of a malware infection on your computer. Disabling pop-ups on your web browser is not enough to get rid of the EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up infection, since EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up also includes a browser hijacker component which causes various redirects when the computer user is online. Fortunately, the EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up is not associated with more dangerous browser hijackers such as the Google Redirect Virus or with dangerous rootkits like the ZeroAccess rootkit. Rather, the EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up stems from a stand-alone application that the computer user downloaded and installed onto their computer. Since EpicPlay, the application responsible for the EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up cannot be uninstalled through normal means, ESG security researchers recommend using a reliable anti-malware tool in order to remove this malicious program from the infected computer. Getting rid of this underlying cause will usually stop any instances of the EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up from recurring.

The Typical Course of an EpicPlay Advertisement Pop-up Attack

The vast majority of EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up infections are caused by programs that the victims themselves knowingly downloaded and installed on their own computer. This program offers various free, popular games to the victim (such as Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud). Inexperienced computer users will often believe these claims without actually investigating this software before downloading it. In fact, a quick Google search is enough to reveal that these supposed free games come at a price which is not worth it. Once installed, the user will find that the EpicPlay Advertisement pop-up comes up every time they click on a link. Some computer users have also reported that their web browser, particularly Internet Explorer, forces them to visit these free games against their will. By controlling their victim's browsing, criminals can profit from advertising and pay-per-click schemes, as well as directing their victims to websites hosting additional malware attacks.

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