BlendedSearch Description

Some users may notice that their Web browsers have suddenly begun opening the unfamiliar address The site operates as a search engine named BlendedSearch and it tries to attract users by offering them the ability to get results from different search engines and sources, such as Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia and more. Blended Search is a brand owned by the Visymo Universal Search Group that also operates other search engines including ZapMeta, iZito,, and Visymo is partnered with both Google and Microsoft so users can expect its various brands to be legitimate.

However, the problem with BlendedSearch, is that it might be promoted via dubious known as browser hijackers. These applications are designed to take over the users' Web browsers and modify their settings to generate artificial traffic towards the promoted address specifically. The browser settings in question are the homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. While the browser hijacker is present on the system, it may prevent users from reverting the affected setting back to their original states. Keep in mind that browser hijackers also are classified as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) as a result of the misleading method used in their distribution. After all, these applications want to remain unnoticed during their installation.

Users also should keep in mind that BlendedSearch, the associated browser hijacker, or any of their partnered third parties might be collecting various browsing information, as well as certain device details. According to BlendedSearch's Privacy Policy, it may gather your IP address, type of device, ID number of the mobile device, screen resolution, Web browser information, OS, and the current browser preferences such as time zone, language, etc. automatically. In addition, third parties may deploy cookies or tracking devices to gather data on their own.