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Savings Downloader

Is your computer acting crazy and showing countless pop-up, banners, pop-under, in-text and other kinds of advertisements by Savings Downloader? Are you puzzled because you don't know where it comes from? There's no need to be frustrated. Savings Downloader is a Possibly Unwanted Program that may have entered your computer through a popular technique called 'bundling' that consists in including adware to the installation process of freeware. Savings Downloader is promoted as a program that will optimize your browsing experience by displaying the best deals available when you are online shopping. However, Savings Downloader also displays unwanted advertisements. Although some of these advertisements may be useful, it may become an annoyance due to its intrusiveness. Savings Downloader may also record your online history, browsing habits and e-mail address and share it with third...

Posted on October 29, 2014 in Adware


YourTemplateFinder is an adware-laced program elaborated by Mindspark Interactive Network. YourTemplateFinder may change your Web browser settings in order to display numerous, irritating advertisements. Some computer users may have installed the YourTemplateFinder adware on their machines hopping that YourTemplateFinder could help them with their online shopping. YourTemplateFinder 'help' consists of an enormous amount of pop-up advertisements that may run over the visited Web page. Also, YourTemplateFinder also may be acquired by the computer users while downloading free software such as games, fake Java updates, etc. YourTemplateFinder may be a hindrance to an ordinary online experience by reducing the machine's performance and collecting browsing-related information. If not removed completely, YourTemplateFinder advertisements may continue to appear since residues of its adware...

Posted on October 29, 2014 in Potentially Unwanted Programs

Cats and Catapults Toolbar

Cats and Catapults Toolbar is an unwanted toolbar that offers a game where computer users can 'Build a castle and recruit an army of cats. Includes helpful extras like weather & more games.' Cats and Catapults Toolbar may be associated with browser hijackers. At first sight, Cats and Catapults Toolbar may appear like a fun and useful website. However, Cats and Catapults Toolbar also may display sponsored and unwanted advertisements. If your Web browser has been attacked by Cats and Catapults Toolbar, your search result links in any search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing and others may be changed and rerouted to Cats and Catapults Toolbar and other dubious websites full of unwanted advertisements. Browser hijackers linked to Cats and Catapults Toolbar may alter your favorite search engine and homepage. Cats and Catapults Toolbar may also keep track of your browsing activities and...

Posted on October 29, 2014 in Potentially Unwanted Programs


The real purpose of an adware program named TotalDatingGuide is to attract computer users and convince them to be members of some dating and matrimonial websites. Of course, this membership will not be free. TotalDatingGuide also may display other kinds of unwanted advertisements. TotalDatingGuide may be downloaded from its website, TotalDatingGuide may change your browser settings, take the place of your homepage and redirect the computer user's searches to compromised Web pages. TotalDatingGuide may slow down your machine's performance and Internet speed. These problems justify TotalDatingGuide's classification as a Possibly Unwanted Program. Malware experts always recommend to uninstall PUPs such as TotalDatingGuide from an affected computer. If TotalDatingGuide is installed on your machine and you think that it is better to disable it, you should use a...

Posted on October 29, 2014 in Potentially Unwanted Programs


Gsafe is advertised as a program that will help computer users when they are online shopping by displaying offers, promo-codes, coupons and deals. Unfortunately, these advertisements may not be useful despite the fact that they may be based on data collected by Gsafe from your browsing preferences. What makes Gsafe to be classified as a Possibly Unwanted Program is the huge amount of advertisements that Gsafe may display, whether you want it or not. Gsafe may improve Web pages' text and turn it into hyperlinks that, if accessed, may lead to compromised Web pages. Gsafe's advertisements are very intrusive and may end up disrupting your Web browsing. Computer users that have Gsafe installed on their machines may want to remove Gsafe. An anti-malware tool should be used when removing Gsafe from the affected computer. template:aliases]

Posted on October 29, 2014 in Adware


Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A is a Trojan infection that may be installed by TrojanDropper:Win32/Micuda. Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A may present a serious threat to the computers Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A infects. Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A may affect the system's performance greatly, turning the infected machine into an almost useless device. Your computer may freeze and crash unexpectedly. Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A may install other threats on your computer and use your machine for Bitcoin mining. These threats may allow third parties to invade and control the infected system. Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A may find its way to your computer through other threats or bundled with corrupted plugins. Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A may make changes to your system settings. Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A has a feature that allows Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A to record the computer user's activities, which gives Trojan:BAT/Micuda.A access to crucial information. To...

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Trojans


CouponFactory is an adware program similar to AppStein and SaverAdd-on that may be distributed through compromised websites, free applications, links added to suspicious emails, etc. CouponFactory may also be downloaded from its website, After being installed, CouponFactory adware starts displaying its 'good deals' such as coupons, banners and similar advertisements promptly after the computer user opens a Web page. CouponFactory adware may change the settings of the computer's Web browser, that makes it possible for InvisibleBrowser to display its unwanted advertisements. Also, CouponFactory adware may track your online browsing and use the information to exhibit advertisements related to your searches. To stop the annoying advertisements, CouponFactory needs to be removed from your computer with an anti-malware device.

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Adware


VideosMediaPlayers is an adware-laced program created by a company named Pani Poni Network. VideosMediaPlayers is similar to other add-on applications used to display sponsored advertisements. VideosMediaPlayers-related adware installs a Browser Helper Object to the Internet Explorer and may be launched every time the computer user starts the affected computer automatically. VideosMediaPlayers adware may load countless advertisements on your desktop that come in many forms, such as pop-under, pop-ups, coupons, banners and in-text advertisements. By using VideosMediaPlayers advertisements, you may be redirected to other sites that may have unsafe content or attempt to offer various merchandise through the Internet. VideosMediaPlayers may be installed by default on the affected computer when the computer user executed the installation of free software. Also, VideosMediaPlayers may...

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Adware


InterStat, or Ads by InterStat, is a Possibly Unwanted Program that adjoins the numerous adware programs offered on the Web as helpful browser add-ons. Although displaying numerous deals, offers and coupons to the online shopper, InterStat's advertisements may be irritating, disruptive and unwelcomed. These advertisements also may not match your Web searches and, if clicked, may direct the computer users to unsafe Web places. InterStat may affect Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In addition to being used to display sponsored advertisements, InterStat adware also may collect some browsing information that, after shared with InterStat sponsors, may be used to create more specific advertisements on the affected computer. It is recommended to get rid of InterStat as a safety measure. InterStat may be uninstalled manually, but the best method is uninstalling iInterStat...

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Adware


DailyHomeGuide is a Possibly Unwanted Program that promises to 'Save money and energy on your next home renovation.' DailyHomeGuide is a clone of Best DailyHomeGuide and other similar free programs that are offered on the Web. DailyHomeGuide may create a startup key and a folder named DailyHomeGuide Toolbar on your system. DailyHomeGuide may enter your computer as part of the installation process of another freeware or DailyHomeGuide may be downloaded by the computer user. DailyHomeGuide may display various unwanted and disrupting advertisements on your computer in the form of interstitial and in-text advertisements, banners, coupons and more. The computer user's browsing habits may be recorded, and the gathered information send to third parties. If DailyHomeGuide is already installed on your machine, you should exterminate DailyHomeGuide with a malware removal application.

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Adware


SnapMyScreen is a Possibly Unwanted Program that have the useful feature of taking screenshots of you desktop. However, SnapMyScreen is related to an advertisement-supported adware program that may cause some unwanted problems to your computer. Computer users that have installed programs that have useful features, but also may install a browser add-on that is intended to display sponsored advertisements, are aware that it can be a crushing encounter. These advertisements may be so numerous that it will prevent them from achieving their tasks. Another unwelcomed feature of SnapMyScreen is that SnapMyScreen may enter a computer by default, bundled with free programs installed by the computer user or via corrupted websites. SnapMyScreen may collect URLs, websites an search terms and send the information to its third-party sponsors. PC users should remove PUPs such as SnapMyScreen with a...

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Adware


Which expectant mom doesn't want to find good deals when online shopping for their babies? For this reason, various online moms to be may install browser add-ons into their computers to help them with their online shopping. Browser add-ons may be very helpful, but some of them, such as BetterBabyGuide, are adware-related programs that, although displaying advertisements related to your online hunt, may not be intended to help you. BetterBabyGuide was developed to display sponsored advertisements, no matter if you want it or not. BetterBabyGuide may collect search terms and visited URL to provide accurate leads to its sponsors. BetterBabyGuide may be downloaded by the computer user, but BetterBabyGuide also may be bundled with free software downloaded from third parties. Since it may not be secure to maintain an adware-laced program on your computer, you should remove BetterBabyGuide...

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Adware


As its own name suggests, PUP.AdBundle is Possibly Unwanted Program that may have entered your computer bundled with freeware, shareware and other similar programs downloaded from the Internet. PUP.AdBundle's advertisements are created and displayed by a related adware program. Clicking on any of the advertisements displayed by PUP.AdBundle-related adware, the PC user may be redirected to unsafe websites that promote PUPs and other kinds of unsafe programs. PC users should always mark the 'Custom' or 'Advanced' installation box when installing freeware to their machines. This simple measure may prevent a bundled installation of unsafe programs. To stop the unwanted activities executed by the adware behind PUP.AdBundle, you may need to use an anti-malware product.

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Potentially Unwanted Programs


PUP.ICForge is a Possibly Unwanted Program created by Comodo CA Limited. PUP.ICForge may have found its way to your machine bundled with free software that you installed, not aware that this Possibly Unwanted Program with adware features was part of the installation of the downloaded software. PUP.ICForge is used as an advertisement platform. PUP.ICForge may display countless advertisements on the affected machine. PUP.ICForge may track the Internet websites accessed by the computer user in order to display advertisements related to the services or merchandise offered on these websites. PUP.ICForge may use your system's resources that may cause it to slow down and present a poor performance. PUP.ICForge may not be threatening to your machine, but its advertisements, if clicked, may redirect your browser to unsafe websites. If you have PUP.ICForgeinstalled on your machine, you need to...

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Potentially Unwanted Programs


PUP.FriedCookie is classified as a Possibly Unwanted program due to some problems its presence may cause to the affected computer. PUP.FriedCookie was developed by Thawte, Inc. a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. PUP.FriedCookie is linked to an adware that displays numerous and intrusive advertisements. These advertisements may be helpful when the computer user is online shopping, but since PUP.FriedCookie is a Possibly Unwanted Program, PUP.FriedCookie may not be worth all the problems PUP.FriedCookie may cause to the affected machine. PUP.FriedCookie may be installed automatically as part of the installation of a free program. Once installed on the targeted computer, PUP.FriedCookie starts displaying pop-up, banners, pop-unders, coupons, in-text and other kinds of advertisements. These advertisements may be highly distrustful and displayed on the Web pages visited by the PC user....

Posted on October 28, 2014 in Potentially Unwanted Programs
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