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Numerous computer users have been experiencing a hard time when browsing the Internet, due to numerous advertisements that appear on the Web pages they are trying to visit. These unwanted advertisements displayed by an adware named Ukquikdisplay are very invasive and will end up making your browsing experience become an enervating task. By using tracking techniques, Ukquikdisplay can monitor your browsing preferences and record URLs, search terms and more. The recorded data will be sent to its supporters and will be used to send more advertisements to your desktop. Ukquikdisplay may get installed on your computer through suspicious websites, reading Spam email attachments, using infected media or USB devices, downloading freeware or shareware, etc. It may not be safe to keep Ukquikdisplay running on your computer. For that reason, uninstall Ukquikdisplay and its components with an...

Posted on October 15, 2014 in Adware


JSFeed is a browser extension that may attack the most popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This adware may be installed automatically when the computer user allows the installation of free software without reading its EULA, because some free products may have an adware program bundled with it. Also, this Possibly Unwanted Program may enter the computer downloaded by its user. Once installed, JSFeed will attempt to attract as much computer users as JSFeed can to visit its sponsored domains. These visits will increase the traffic and boost the pages' rankings. To draw their attention, JSFeed displays numerous advertisements, pop-up boxes and links that will appear on certain Web pages when the computer user is trying to visit it. JSFeed may collect data and send it to its sponsors. If JSFeed is installed on your machine, it is recommended to...

Posted on October 15, 2014 in Adware


TrojanSpy:Win32/Clemint.A, also detected as Trojan.Win32.Agent.idjj, is a high-level Trojan infection that can collect privileged information from the infected computer and send it to a third party. This data is collected through a backdoor that is opened by TrojanSpy:Win32/Clemint.A, allowing the persons behind TrojanSpy:Win32/Clemint.A to take control of the affected machine. Any security program installed on the computer will be disabled by TrojanSpy:Win32/Clemint.A to avoid detection and removal, so the computer user will not be aware of its presence. TrojanSpy:Win32/Clemint.A also takes control of your Web browser and redirects it to unsafe websites. Your screen will be inundated by the countless advertisements that TrojanSpy:Win32/Clemint.A will display against your will. You can acquire TrojanSpy:Win32/Clemint.A when visiting corrupted websites or opening compromised e-mails....

Posted on October 14, 2014 in Trojans


The creators of threats are always inventing new ways to seize money. Now, there is a threat named Tyupkin that is infecting ATM machines and taking the cash stored on these machines. ATM machines based on the United States, China, Europe and Russia are suffering constant attacks by Tyupkin. The modus operandi of the people behind Tyupkin consists in going to the ATM machine they intend to attack, install the threat via a bootable CD on it and then reboot the system. With this part done, they will have the ATM's control. They type certain digits on the ATM's keyboard without sliding a card. Then, they call an operator that will give additional instructions to them, type another combination of digits and the machine will start releasing all the money it has. To hide their criminal activities, the hackers work on Sundays and Mondays nights since there will be few costumers using the...

Posted on October 14, 2014 in Backdoors


Retefe, or Trojan.Retefe, is a banker Trojan that may cause several problems to the computers Retefe is able to infect. Retefe starts its harmful actions recording the computer users' user name and passwords for their banking accounts. Then, Retefe creates a file that appears to be harmless in order to mislead the system authentication guard and remain undetected. Retefe consumes a huge amount of system resources that will render the system almost useless due to its poor performance. Retefe will harm the security-related applications installed on the affected computer; redirect the Web browser to unsafe sites; add advertisements-supported websites to the browser Favorites folder; cause various errors; change crucial system files, cause crashes; and even the dreadful Blue Screen of death. A unprotected system can be attacked by Retefe via compromised websites, phishing websites, free...

Posted on October 14, 2014 in Trojans

Surf To Save

Sometimes we can find really good prices on the Internet, but do not trust Surf to Save to help you save when online shopping. The advertisements displayed by Surf to Save are intended to benefit its sponsors, not the computer user, even though some of it may be useful. Keep in mind that these advertisements will be displayed without taking in consideration if you want it or not. Any program that has the capability of entering a computer stealthy needs to be handled with care. Surf to Save is this kind of program since Surf to Save may enter a computer bundled with free programs downloaded from the Internet. Surf to Save may be very intrusive and disrupt your browsing experience. Also, Surf to Save may collect sales leads by managing your browsing activities and send this data to its sponsors. There's no advantage in keeping Surf to Save on your computer. You should use a good malware...

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Adware

Browser Shop

Browser Shop, or Ads by Browser Shop, is an advertising platform that promotes PUPs, dating services and dubious medicinal merchandise. Although this kinds of advertisements are not threatening by themselves, if the computer users click on it, they may be redirected to unsafe websites or allow other adware and PUPs to be installed on their machines. There are several computer users that have reported that they didn't install Browser Shop on their computers, so they are unsure about where Browser Shop come from. Browser Shop may have been installed on the affected computer by a technique named 'bundling' that consists in adding the adware instalator to the installation of a freeware. Browser Shop's advertisements are very intrusive, in addition to its bad habit of collecting relevant information and send it to third parties. Computer user should be very attentive when downloading free...

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Adware is a search engine and associated with browser hijacker. A browser hijacker may change your browser settings and replace your Web browser's home page with a website like This means that, no matter if you open Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or other browser, what will appear on your screen will always be as your home page. The browser hijacker that promises to provide superior search results is called Vosteran Search. The only goal intends to achieve is to get your attention displaying its numerous advertisements. If it wasn't you who downloaded a browser hijacker on your machine, a browser hijacker may have come included on the installation of a freeware program downloaded from the Internet. The removal of a browser hijacker is a little more complicated than removing an adware. Therefore, it is recommended that the computer user...

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Browser Hijackers

Eye Perform

It is very unlikely that a person can guess that a program named Eye Perform could be an adware-related program. The name Eye Perform suggests an eye exam, not numerous advertisements totally out of the eye field. Eye Perform is adware or Possibly Unwanted Program that will enter your computer by your own hands (mistakenly) or bundled with no-cost software available on the Internet. This browser extension that can attach itself to the main browsers, displays its inline-text and pop-ups to promote merchandise and increase traffic to sponsored websites. Eye Perform also may display boxes containing warnings about a supposed update that must be downloaded by the computer user. There's nothing useful that justifies Eye Perform's presence on an infected computer. An anti-malware product that also combats adware is the best weapon against Eye Performa and its components.

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Adware

Spark Cast

Spark Cast is a Possibly Unwanted Program or adware that may enter a computer through free applications downloaded from third parties that allow adware to be bundled with its installers. Spark Cast also may be downloaded by the online shoppers, in order to enhance their online searches. Spark Cast displays tons of in-text advertisements, coupons, banners, links, videos and every kind of advertisements, in an attempt of getting the attention of the computer user and leading him into clicking on it to increase traffic and page rankings. Spark Cast also collects leads to the advertisements to be displayed on the affected machine recording search terms, IP locations websites visited, etc. Spark Cast's actions are very intrusive. Therefore, to stop Spark Cast intrusiveness and its irritating and unwanted advertisements, you should look for a good anti-malware application to help you to...

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Potentially Unwanted Programs

Box Rock

Another adware program developed by Super Web LLC, Box Rock is an add-on that may attach itself to the most used Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Just like countless other adware programs that populate the Internet, Box Rock was created to display sponsored advertisements and collect information that may be used as leads to more direct advertisements. Usually, an adware doesn't have the computer users' interest as its objective since it displays advertisements no matter if the computer user wants it or not. Box Rock is no exception. All that matters to Box Rock is to show its advertisements and increase traffic. Therefore, it is advised to remove Box Rock from the affected computer with a legitimate anti-malware product.

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Adware is a browser hijacker-related website. Instead of providing search results for the computer user that tries to use it, advertises for determined Web pages in an attempt to boost traffic and page ranking. After being installed, will inundate your browser with countless advertisements, which will consume your system resources and turn your computer into a very slow machine. Usually, browser hijackers such as have their installers hidden inside the installation of third party freeware. If you didn't install voluntarily, you might have acquired it via tis kinds of downloads. is a very unwelcome program, since will not do any good to the computer user or its machine. Removal of will demand the help of a up-to-date anti-malware tool.

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Browser Hijackers


LionShopper is promoted as an application that looks for coupons and affordable prices for the merchandise that you are online searching. Although LionShopper honors its promises displaying advertisements that may be useful, there is no point in keeping LionShopper running on your machine. LionShopper covers the Web page you are visiting with its advertisements, which is very irritating and troublesome. Also, LionShopper collects data to send to its sponsors that will use it to send more advertisements to be displayed on your machine. LionShopper may infect a computer been bundled with free programs that the computer user downloads from the Internet, or LionShopper may be downloaded by the computer user mistakenly thinking that LionShopper is a good tool. In any way LionShopper was installed on your machine, it should be removed with a reliable anti-malware product.

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Adware


Is your machine displaying countless pop-up, pop-under, in-text, banners and other kinds of advertisements by WinSpeeder? Are you confused because you can't remember installing WinSpeeder? Do not be confused anymore. There is a well used technique called 'bundling' that consists in adding adware to the installation of free software and WinSpeeder may have entered your machine this way. WinSpeeder is adware that was created to be used as an advertisement platform, even though WinSpeeder presents itself as a program that will monitor and disable unwanted or useless programs in order to optimize your browsing experience. Besides the intrusive advertisements, WinSpeeder may also track your e-mail address, online history and browsing habits, record it and transmit it to third parties that will use it to optimize the advertisements that will be displayed on your machine. Regretfully, even...

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Rogue Anti-Spyware Program


Bluegrate is promoted as an application that will find and display coupons, offers and deals that will help when you are online shopping. Sadly, the advertisements displayed by Bluegrate are not useful even though they may be based on information collected by Bluegrate from your browsing habits. What makes Bluegrate to become a problem is that, in the first place, Bluegrate will display its sponsored advertisements whether you want it or not. Secondly, it collects information from your computer without your cognition. Thirdly, Bluegrate may turn Web pages' text into hyperlinks that, if clicked, may direct to unsafe webpages. Lastly, but not restricted to, it is the annoyance caused by Bluegrate's advertisements appearing from nowhere and disrupting your work. Computer users that have Bluegrate installed on their machines will want to remove it very soon. An up-to-date anti-malware...

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Adware
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