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Computer users that are online shopping may start noticing numerous advertisements displayed by a program named ShoppingOn. These advertisements may end up being useful since they are based on data collected from the computer user's browsing activities. ShoppingOn is classified as Possibly Unwanted Program by security experts due to two main motives; ShoppingOn is associated with an adware program that may be settled on a PC automatically as part of the installation process of a chargeless application downloaded from the Web, and ShoppingOn may create some annoying problems on affected computers. ShoppingOn may change your host files, DNS settings and browser provider. ShoppingOn may insert its advertisements on the sites you are visiting, which will interfere with a normal online shopping. ShoppingOn advertisements, if clicked, may lead to unsafe websites. For all the reasons above,...

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Adware

Shopping Fever Ads

Shopping Fever is adware that may show annoying pop-up advertisements labeled 'Ads by Shopping Fever' on the desktop of your computer. Shopping Fever may slow down your computer and show its advertisements on each website you visit. Shopping Fever may lead to numerous problems on the computer. Shopping Fever may typically come packed with other freeware that a PC user can find on the Web. Some free downloads do not reveal PC users that additional software will also be installed, and the computer users may notice that they have installed Shopping Fever unknowingly. If the computer is affected by Shopping Fever, the PC users may also see some hyperlinks inserted to websites that they visit. Some highlighted words with double underline may be added that may show Shopping Fever pop-ups advertisements if the computer user moves the mouse over them. Shopping Fever may show advertisements...

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Adware


The numerous, unwanted advertisements displayed by a program named ShieldMe are caused by an annoying adware that may enter your computer by default, bundled with a free software. ShieldMe offers its no-cost application as a tool that will protect your child while browsing the net. However, ShieldMe may trace the PC user's Web browsing and create annoying pop-up advertisements. ShieldMe may record the PC user's unique identifier number, websites visited and viewed, IP address, browser information, OS, search queries entered and other information. ShieldMe may generate and display search, banner, text link, transitional, interstitial, and full page advertisements in a variety of well-known social networking, online shopping or other websites. ShieldMe may also display various coupon advertisements when the computer user is browsing online shopping sites. If the screen of your PC is...

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Adware


SpeedEru is another creation of Virtue Interactive LTD. SpeedEru is adware/Potentially Unwanted Program that may come packaged together with free programs that computer users download from the Internet. SpeedEru may use tricky delivery techniques to introduce the targeted computer. In order to evade SpeedEru, PC users should pay more attention to the installation process of such software. Usually, computer users should find the check mark to agree with the installation of SpeedEru and uncheck it. This can be done by choosing the 'Custom' or 'Advanced' installation method of free programs. After being installed, SpeedEru may display numerous unwanted pop-up advertisements, offers, discounts and coupons. SpeedEru may keep track of the computer user's browsing routine with the aim to display targeted advertisements. SpeedEru may also result in forced browser redirects to suspicious...

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Adware is associated with an ingenious browser hijacker that can gain possession of your default Web browser, no matter if it is Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. related browser hijacker and adware may substitute the default homepage and search provider, or a new tab page with Even if the computer user attempts to restore them, may show up repeatedly on the Web browser. PC users should uninstall all browser hijackers and adware that might be causing constant browser diversions to Also, PC users might need to reconfigure their browser settings to block from opening in the Web browser.

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Adware


SpeedCheckMe ins another Possibly Unwanted Program developed by Virtue Interactive LTD that is promoted as an Internet speed booster. However, its first-line function is to flood the computer user's Web browser with countless, disturbing advertisements. If PC users click on any pop-up advertisement delivered by SpeedCheckMe, they may get unwillingly diverted to dubious websites. SpeedCheckMe may access the PC packaged with other free applications. Computer users may evade the download of SpeedCheckMe if they are careful while installing other freeware and refusing all options that allow the installation of additional unidentified programs. Still, computer users frequently skip the installation steps to gain time. SpeedCheckMe may grab details about the computer user's browsing routine. SpeedCheckMe may then send this information to remote servers and use it for marketing associated...

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Adware


Rapidup is a Potentially Unwanted Program developed by Virtue Interactive LTD. Rapidup is advertised as a program that can boost any computer's Internet speed which is a very appealing function. Rapidup is linked to an adware that may insert an undesirable browser extension on the computer user's Web browser automatically and display various disturbing advertisements labelled as 'Ads by Rapidup' that carry coupons, deals and discounts. Rapidup may surreptitiously come and access Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox included on the installation of a free software available on the Web. Rapidup may trace the computer user's Web browsing activities and collect information. The primary aim of Rapidup may be to lead computer users to suspicious websites and induce them into clicking on related advertisements in order to earn money from increased Web traffic...

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Adware is a suspicious Web domain that on the surface may appear to be a brand new search provider. In fact, this site serves as an adware platform and is associated with browser hijackers. The threat is created with the intention of taking control of the most popular browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer. If you notice that your default homepage has been switched to without your desire, this is a certain sign that the infiltration is present in your system. This adware changes a lot of the configuration settings, and the search results may be manipulated in order to lead to sponsored sites. You may witness redirects and a large quantity of advertisements, which slow down the performance of your browser and as a whole make using the Internet an unpleasant task. How does the Browser Hijacker Reach Your PC? Usually,...

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Browser Hijackers


SpeedApp is a Possibly Unwanted Program created by Virtue Interactive LTD and very similar to SpeedItApp, SpeedEru, SpeedCheckMe and Rapidup. SpeedApp is promoted as a program that will speed up the Internet, saving time for the computer user. It is a good feature. However, SpeedApp also may display unwanted advertisements when the computer user is online shopping or browsing social networking websites. The advertisements displayed by SpeedApp may offer PC users numerous deals, discount coupons and offers. Clicking on the pop-up advertisements displayed by SpeedApp, the adware may forcibly divert the computer user to suspicious websites. SpeedApp may target and be installed on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. When installed on the PC, SpeedApp may replace the default homepage and search engine with a compromised website and change the browser settings. When PC...

Posted on December 30, 2014 in Adware


SpeedItApp is another addition to various Possibly Unwanted Programs developed by Virtue Interactive LTD such as SpeedCheckMe, SpeedEru, Rapidup and SpeedApp, among others. SpeedItApp is related to adware that may bombard the computer with unwanted pop-up advertisements and banners. SpeedItApp may add its own toolbar/plug-in on the affected Web browser including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and other popular Web browsers. SpeedItApp may enter the PC without the computer knowledge because SpeedItApp may distribute and enter the PC via bundled free programs that computer users download from the Internet. SpeedItApp may change default system settings, substitute the default homepage and search engine, change desktop background or open a new tab window with a questionable website. SpeedItApp may exhibit recurrent pop-up advertisements, messages and banners within...

Posted on December 30, 2014 in Adware

Selection Tools Ads

Selection Tools is a Possibly Unwanted Program that may enter a computer bundled within a free application downloaded and installed by the computer user. Selection Tools may show unwelcomed banners and pop-up advertisements containing various discount coupons, deals and offers while computer users are online shopping or visiting other websites. Selection Tools may install itself on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome automatically. When the computer user installs a no-cost software, it might incorporate additional plug-ins, toolbars, browser extensions or add-ons inserted into its installation wizard. These extra applications, in this case Selection Tools, might be pointed as elective tools, but if computer users do not uncheck a check box, which offers to include extra applications, they may end up with undesired system modifications. Selection Tools may monitor the...

Posted on December 30, 2014 in Adware

Shopping Bag Ads

Shopping Bag is a browser plug-in that declares to make the computer user's Web browsing more effective by displaying the best deals, coupons, offers and related content. While such functionality of Shopping Bag may appear genuine and reliable, in truth, this browser add-on is rated as adware or a Potentially Unwanted Program. Shopping Bag may install itself on Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Shopping Bag may create and display disturbing pop-up advertisements and trace the PC user's Internet surfing activity. Shopping Bag may circulate and enter the computer packed with free applications that computer users may download and install from the Web. Once successfully installed on the computer, Shopping Bag may create and show banner, pop-under, pop-up, search, interstitial advertisements that are added or shown covering parts of visited...

Posted on December 30, 2014 in Adware

Salez Ads

SaleZ is a Potentially Unwanted Program that is promoted via downloads of freeware. SaleZ may encompass adware functionalities and other features specific to adware-linked applications. SaleZ is not a high-level threat, however, throughout its setup process, computer users may be offered to install other software, which may install adware and browser hijackers to their PCs. SaleZ usually comes packed with other freeware that had added into their installation. While being installed on the PC, SaleZ may alter system settings. SaleZ may modify the default homepage and search provider with a specific questionable site, or browse this site as a new tab page automatically. SaleZ may also display numerous pop-up advertisements or advertisements related to the PC user's surfing queries on the desktop of the computer.

Posted on December 30, 2014 in Adware

Optical Surf Ads

Optical Surf is an adware program from the SuperWeb LLC family of advertisement-based applications. The Optical Surf program may load on your computer through various freeware programs or bundled applications downloaded from the Internet. Optical Surf may be presented as a Browser Helper Object with related plugins or add-on components loaded in popular Web browser programs. Optical Surf, when loaded, could display several unwanted advertisements across your screen. For this motive and other problems Optical Surf may create, Optical Surf is classified as a Possibly Unwanted Program by security researchers. Using the Optical Surf advertisements computer users may be redirected to unwanted sites or have their Web browsers performing slowly. It is best to detect and remove Optical Surf using an anti-spyware program.

Posted on December 29, 2014 in Adware

Hosts Ads

Hosts is adware that may display numerous pop-up advertisements, coupons, offers and special deals that supposedly save the computer user's money while they are making an online shopping. Usually, Hosts may spread bundled with other freeware. After Hosts is installed automatically on the computer, Hosts may alter the browser settings which results in forced redirects to suspicious websites that cover the screen of the PC with various random pop-up advertisements or advertisements linked to the computer user's surfing routine. Pop-up advertisements from Hosts may be seen when the PC user is browsing the Web using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Hosts may substitute the default start page and search provider or a new tab window with a certain questionable website. When installed on the PC, Hosts may embed an unwanted browser extension, plug-in or add-on on the Web...

Posted on December 29, 2014 in Adware